Nicknamed “Mr.VW” by his father while still in high school, Jeremy Vreeman, President of Motorworks Restorations, Inc., has been working on air-cooled VW’s since his early teens. From the very first day he began to dismantle his dad’s (Jerry) 1970 convertible, his passion is anything Volkswagen.

While still a student, Jeremy formed Mr. VW’s Auto Services, later to become Mr. VW Enterprises, Inc. Those two firms were responsible for the restoration and repair of many of the air-cooled VWs seen roaming the Midwest.

In 2003, Jeremy moved to Colorado Springs and formed Motorworks Restorations. Jeremy and his staff are not only experts, but they are also enthusiasts whose love for air-cooled Volkswagens is contagious.



DadandJer1996 001.jpg

Jeremy & Jerry

1996. Lansing, IL