******* Please note that we are not currently accepting new restorations.********

Let us tell you a little more about Motorworks Restorations and our approach to restoration. We focus on meeting (and exceeding) the expectations and dreams of our customers. We believe there is no such thing as a "turn key" restoration. Or, to use a comparison illustration, we are not like housing contractors in the business of selling specific models or restoration designs. Rather, we focus on custom building to the satisfaction and budget of our customers.

Motorworks Restorations has achieved its national reputation primarily through complete "body-off" custom restorations of vintage Beetles and Vans. These full restorations are a complete rebuilding/restoration of your VW to "better than original" status. Most of these restorations are "show cars" which have exceeded the expectations of their owners, and have achieved awards in multiple events.

The average cost of a complete restoration of a Beetle Sedan begins around $50,000 and goes up from there, depending on the options and customization selected by the owners.  For a Bus, the average cost of a complete restoration begins around $85,000.

Some time ago, however, in response to numerous requests from VW owners across the country, Motorworks Restorations opened another department to specialize in what we call "Affordable Partial Restorations." (APR) We recognize that many owners simply want to upgrade their VW so that it can be a safe, reliable, daily driver with a clean interior, and attractive paint on the outside. Our APR department still maintains our high standards of OEM parts and quality craftsmanship, but does not do a complete restoration of the vehicle from top to bottom. The cost of an APR for a Beetle Sedan may begin at around $40,000depending on your goals and desires.

Our full restorations include:

  • Body-off treatment (where applicable)

  • Media blasting of body, chassis, and suspension

  • Custom sheet metal work, using German/European metal when available.

  • Powder coating of chassis, suspension, steering, etc. (where applicable)

  • 2-stage painting, including etching primer, urethane primer, 4 color coats, and 4 clear coats

  • Engines built to customers specifications

  • New interiors, stock or custom

  • New German seals and hardware

  • New Wiring

  • Stainless steel fasteners where available

  • Plus much, much more!

Our APRs may include:

  • Optional body-off treatment

  • Media blasting of wheel wells and rusted areas

  • Optional media blasting of entire body, chassis, and suspension

  • Sheet metal work, using German/European metal when available

  • Optional powder coating of chassis and suspension

  • 2-stage painting, including etching primer and urethane primer

  • New stock interiors

  • New seals

  • Stainless steel fasteners where available

  • Plus more!